Statton Furniture

About Our Product

Statton Furniture is a licensed product of
The Masterís Woodshop Inc.
Made in the USA

Eighty percent of the furniture sold in this country is coming from overseas; China, Indonesia, Vietnam. My grandparents, Philo and Helen Statton, fervently believed in hard work and the value of the American Craftsman. In 1926, they started a small furniture company based on those principles and for over eighty years the family has insisted that Statton Furniture be built right here in the United States by people who knew how to build it.

Iím happy to tell you that in July of 2009, production of Statton furniture was licensed to The Masterís Woodshop Inc., also located right here in Hagerstown Maryland. Masterís has a formidable reputation for architectural millwork in and around Washington D.C. and indeed now employs several of Stattonís craftsmen. For a more detailed description of Masterís capabilities, please visit their website,