Statton Furniture

About Us

  • FAMILY OWNED AND OPERATED. Three generations and nearly seventy-five years later, Statton is still owned and operated by the original founding family. Personal attention to each order and each piece of furniture is guaranteed.

  • BENCH MADE. Skilled Cabinetmakers individually bench make each piece of furniture, fitting each drawer and hanging every door. Their name and reputation is on each piece of furniture so it had better be done right or not at all.

  • ONE PIECE DRAWER FRONTS. The front of a chest, especially a tall chest, looks at its best when color variations in the wood occur from drawer to drawer rather than from board to board. To achieve this, every drawer in every pattern is made from a single piece of cherry and never glued up.

  • SMOOTHEST INTERIORS, ONE FINGER OPERATION. Every drawer is dovetailed, hand fitted and center guided to ensure one finger operation. Furthermore, a special drawer coating material is applied to the interiors which is then hand sanded to ensure the smoothest possible interior surface.

  • SAND CAST SOLID BRASS. All of our hardware is made of solid brass and much of it is sand cast for an unmatched weightiness and feel.

  • SEVEN COAT FINISH. A twenty-five step process encompasses seven different coatings of finish material including water stains which penetrate deeply into the pores of the wood. The result is a hand rubbed finish of unparalleled depth and clarity.

  • HOT LACQUER PROTECTION. Heating the lacquer allows us to use a material with the highest solids content possible, almost half again as much as a typical kitchen cabinet. This translates into superior protection for the finish underneath.

  • UNIT CONSTRUCTION. More steak and less sizzle. Rather than apply mouldings and doo-dads to make cheap furniture look pretty, Statton utilizes the 18th century concept of unit construction whereby each component, like building blocks, is an integral part of the whole.

  • SWEAT THE DETAILS. Most lines don't hold up to close inspection. Look closely at a S T A T T O N and you'll find crisp hand carved corners, unique and intricately shaped cornices, belt mouldings, bead mouldings, rails, stiles, pendants, panels and pediments; in short-detail after detail after detail.

  • OPEN STOCK LINE. Buy a piece of Statton today and add to it tomorrow-that is the essence of our line; the fact that unlike a potpourri or a menagerie of things, one piece compliments another in terms of styles and finishes.

Statton Furniture Company is one of the few companies still owned and operated by the original founding family. Nestled in the foot hills of the Appalachian Mountains, the company is about seventy miles west of Washington D.C. Established in 1926 as a small producer of bedroom furniture, it has been quietly producing distinctive furniture of uncompromising quality for three generations. The line has grown to two hundred patterns and exemplifies the best of 18th century design and craftsmanship available in residential and commercial furnishings.

Philo Statton, with assistance from his wife Helen, founded Statton Furniture by the time he was thirty. He and Helen had developed a strong belief in the enduring beauty and craftsmanship inherent in traditional furniture and it was not long before occasional and dining room pieces were added to the bedroom line. In the thirty's a new mahogany collection appeared. New and innovative marketing techniques were developed such as the Statton "Tru-Type" House, which showcased furniture in attractive room settings for the first time, complete with accessories, wallpaper, and drapery treatments.

Philo and Helen's three children Philip, Robert and Pamela, began to take a more active role following World War II. The Company expanded distribution nationwide. Philip's older son Phil became president in 1961. It was at this time that Statton experienced significant growth by focusing on solid 18th century design in cherry and mahogany. Since then the Company has come to be known throughout the industry for superior craftsmanship, clean traditional design, and finishes which excel in clarity and depth.

Today, the third generation is committed to the principles of quality and value espoused by Philo Statton in 1926. The effort and care of many people who make up the Statton family of craftsmen are evident in every piece of Statton Furniture.